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Virtual Cycling at Thirsk & Sowerby Leisure Centre We are currently experiencing intermittent issues with our Virtual Cycling system. We are working with Technogym to resolve this as soon as possible. In the meantime, we may experience problems intermittently in some sessions, but we endeavour to get classes operating where possible.

Technology opens door for less mobile swimmers

Good Boost

Bedale Leisure Centre are working with Good Boost to encourage more swimmers and improve the lives of people living with limited movement or debilitating pain.

Our Good Boost aquatic rehabilitation sessions in the swimming pool aim to get people moving with gentle water-based exercise in a fun and social environment.

Good Boost creates technology to deliver individually tailored aquatic rehabilitation programmes for musculoskeletal conditions which include arthritis, back pain, fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis, before and after hip and knee joint replacement, hip and knee pain and Rheumatoid arthritis in a low-impact and low-pain environment. The Good Boost software is delivered on waterproof tablet computers to allow participants to progress in their exercises at their own pace with support from a fully trained member of staff.

In July, a small group of participants committed to an 11-week free trial.  The weekly supervised sessions, taking place on Monday mornings, have been received well by those taking part. Here is some of the feedback we have received so far from the swimmers:

“This is my favourite hour of the week. I am really enjoying the focused exercises that help my condition and I know that they're working as I can feel a good muscle burn afterwards. The questions at the beginning were valuable in pinpointing the physical issues I suffer from and the individual weekly programme is easy to follow whilst in the pool. 

The group overall is friendly and welcoming. Plus, Paula is a fabulous coach, encouraging us all to keep going.”

“The Good Boost programme is tailored to each individual person’s needs. Using a waterproof tablet by the pool, you follow exercises set out for you. You have a choice of time and how easy or hard you prefer your sessions to be.”

“I have found the water exercises extremely beneficial. They are based on a 30-minute online exercise whilst in the water and then a short 15-minute swim afterwards.
It has been lovely to share experiences with other service users and generally feels very inclusive.

It really feels like a highlight of my week and is a welcome distraction from my painful knees. Only time will tell if it gives long term physical benefits, but it certainly gives physiological ones. I am looking forward to my next session.”

“I know it has only been 3 weeks, but I have already seen an improvement in my knee.  I also would not have been swimming yet if it hadn’t been for the sessions.

I really look forward to the session - the ladies are all nice and we do have a laugh.”

Published: 17th August 2021