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Junior swimming lessons are available across the centres at various times throughout the week. Each lesson lasts between 30-45 minutes and follows the Swim England Learn2 Swim pathway.

Free online resources are available from Swim England for Learn 2 Swim customers - these can be used for fun, literacy and numeracy skills, and to stay active whilst children are at home. 

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The rate at which each child progresses will vary according to age, attendance and ability.

Track Swimming Lesson progress from the comfort of your own home through Home Portal – an online tool to check progress, make payments and move stages when your child is ready

Badges and certificates are available for each Swim Stage. A swimmer must pass all outcomes for the given stage before they achieve an award. Supplementary distance badges are also available. 

  Monthly Direct Debit
 Junior standard  £26.00

Junior lesson prices include unlimited swimming!

How to join

As we run a programme of continuous assessment, pupils can join at any point during the year, simply contact reception at the relevant leisure centre to check availability.

If a place cannot be found immediately, names can be placed on the Learn 2 Swim interest list and contact will be made as soon as a place is available.

If you are not sure of your child’s level, please contact us for an assessment. 

Private lessons

One to one tuition is provided at a mutually convenient time for the learner and the teacher. They are an effective way of improving swimming skills, increasing confidence or overcoming limiting factors. Contact us for more information.

Private lessons usually last for 30 minutes, please visit the prices page for lesson costs

We currently have an offer where if you purchase 4 private lessons you get a 5th lesson for free.  

PLUS Private swimming lessons now include FREE Swimming! Ask at reception for more details. 

Learn2 Swim stages 1-7

The 7 stages of Learn2 Swim result in the development of a wide range of skills. These skills are like pieces of a jigsaw, and when put together, result in a competent, confident and safe swimmer.

Stage 1

Develops basic safety awareness, the ‘class’ scenario, basic movement skills and water confidence

Stage 2

Develops safe entries to the water including jumping, basic floating, travel and unaided rotation

Stage 3

Develops safe entries including submersion, travel up to 10 metres (front & back), progress rotation skills and water safety knowledge

Stage 4

Develops the understanding of buoyancy and starts to refine stroke techniques and swimming 10 metres to a given ASA standard

Stage 5

Develops water based skills through sculling and treading water skills and also performing all stokes to a given ASA standard

Stage 6

Develops effective swimming skills including coordinated breathing and developing the water safety aspects

Stage 7

Develops quality stroke technique up to 100 metres, incorporating skills learnt throughout stages 1-7 

Advanced Aquatic Skills

Targeted at swimmers who have achieved the fundamental movement skills and who are ready to learn a more advanced range of skills.

Water Polo

A beginners version of this physically demanding but fun Olympic Sport, combining ball and swimming skills as well as teamwork

Challenge Awards

Bronze, Silver, Gold and Honours develop a wide range of skills and stamina, with a focus on good stroke style.


Ideal if interested in Lifeguarding and Lifesaving - learn special skills to help save yourself and know what to do if others get into difficulty in the water.