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Carbon saving works

Hambleton District Council have successfully secured £4.7m from the Government to fund energy saving and carbon reduction works within its leisure centres. 

What is PSDS?

It is a scheme set up by the Government to provide 100% funding for local authorities to invest in their facilities to carry out works that will reduce their carbon footprint and contribute towards energy savings and help meet the Government’s net zero carbon emissions target.

What is included in the works?

There is a range of improvements taking place which are bespoke to the individual needs and circumstances at each centre.  The selection of works include:

  • air source heat pumps;
  • solar panels;
  • LED lighting;
  • battery storage; metering and electrical upgrades.
  • new electrical sub-stations, we are working with Northern PowerGrid to build and install these.  

When will the PSDS works start and be improvements completed?

Works will begin in February 2022 and are expected to be completed by August 2022.

Which leisure centres are having PSDS works carried out?

Bedale, Northallerton and Stokesley leisure centres.  Thirsk & Sowerby Leisure Centre had carbon and energy savings works included as part of the recent refurbishment.

Will this affect the leisure centre car parks?

During the works the car parks will be used to house the contractor’s compound, therefore a minimum number of car park bays will temporarily not be available for customers use.

At Bedale and Stokesley leisure centres a number of car park bays will be permanently taken up by the installation of new electrical substations that are necessary to operate the new technologies being installed.

Will the leisure centres have to close to carry out the works?

These are invasive works and the installation of the technologies will impact upon the operation and opening hours of the centres.  There will be a programme of closures ranging from full site closures to pool only closures, these will be minimised but are essential in carrying out the works. 

Please note any closures will be staggered and therefore you will always have access to at least 3 of the 4 leisure centres.  Remember Thirsk & Sowerby Leisure Centre is not affected by these works and will remain open throughout.


There is the potential for a full site closure towards the end of the project (TBC).


All works will be complete and the leisure centre fully reopen on Monday 11 July 2022.


Due to unforeseen circumstances, the contractors have reviewed the schedule of upcoming PSDS works for Stokesley Leisure Centre.  As a result, there will be less disruption to our opening hours than originally planned.

The original swimming pool closure dates (Saturday 6 August – Saturday 13 August) have been amended and the swimming pool and sauna will open for limited hours during the day from Saturday 6 to Friday 12 August.  Availability and temperature of showers may be affected during the week.

Please note that swimming lessons on Saturday 6 August can and will now take place.  Swimming lessons between 7 -13 August will remain cancelled.

The full closure of the centre on 8 August has also been cancelled.

You can view and/or book the updated swim sessions for next week via our Zest App or at  Online Booking (hambleton.gov.uk)

We advise ringing reception on 01642 711140 to check your session/activity is available prior to travel.

A further closure will be required in the coming months, once dates are confirmed, we will notify you in advance. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.


All above closure dates are subject to change, you will be informed of any changes, see ‘How will I be kept up to date with progress’.

I am a Direct Debit Swim, Toning or Freedom member? How does any closure affect my membership?

You can continue to use your Freedom membership at Thirsk & Sowerby Leisure Centre plus any of the other 2 centres that are open.  Premium fee applies to Northallerton & Thirsk which can be added for free for the period of the closure to the centre you mainly use if you let us know at membershipchange@hambleton.gov.uk

If you do not choose to use one of our alternative centres during the closure of your centre/pool of choice, please let us know at membershipchange@hambleton.gov.uk once your centre of choice has reopened and we will amend the following months DD payment.

I have an annual membership or a Zest Discount Card - will this be extended to account for any closure period?

You can continue to use your annual membership or Zest Discount card at Thirsk & Sowerby Leisure Centre plus any of the other 2 centres that are open.

If you do not choose to use one of our alternative centres during the closure of your centre/pool of choice please inform the centre once your centre of choice has reopened and we will extend the length of your membership by the closure period.

Will swimming lessons be affected?

Swimming lessons will not go ahead during any of the above pool or full centre closure dates. DD payments will be amended on the following DD payment request to ensure you are not charged for any lessons missed due to any closure.

Will any closures affect the sauna?

During any closures periods the saunas will not be accessible.

Will 24/7 be operational during the works?

When there are full centre closures in place 24/7 will not be accessible.  It will operate as normal during all other times.

What if I attend with a school or a club?

Schools and clubs have been notified regarding the leisure centres closures and will contact you separately if necessary.

What about the All-Weather Pitches?

In periods of full closure the pitches will also be closed.

When only the pools are closed the pitches will be open.

I attend Take That Step, what is happening with the scheme?

Any changes will be communicated via your TTS Health & Wellbeing Officer.  During periods of full centre closures it is likely Take That Step will operate virtually/remotely.

How will I be kept up to date with progress?

Updates will be posted online at here and via our Zest app and Facebook pages. You can download the Zest app via the App Store or Google Play, search Zest@hambleton