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COVID-19 Update: Leisure Centre Reopening We are thrilled that the Government have confirmed that our leisure centres can reopen from Monday 12 April. A range of activities will be available from next Monday. Find out more here

Staying Active - Body and Mind

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Closure of our sites and freezing your membership does not mean that you have to freeze your fitness goals - you can access lots of free health and fitness advice, tips and support on staying active online or via social media in order to help keep you fit and healthy during this time, whether you are social distancing or self-isolating.

The Government are still encouraging, where possible people to keep being active. Keeping active is good for your physical and mental health.

Please ensure however, that you are staying active in accordance with the most recent government guidelines regarding COVID-19. You can find more information here:

Advice on keeping active during periods of self-isolation

For people who are self-isolating it is important that you try and remain active, dependent on your ability and situation.  This will not only maintain your physical activity levels but also support your mental health during periods of isolation. 

Moderate intensity activities are those that raise your heart and breathing rate. Home-based activities include dancing or a structured workout. You can use your own garden if you have one to get the additional benefit of fresh air.

Useful Links

Sport England have some really useful advice and links regarding staying active at home

You can access free 'At Home' workouts via Les Mills on demand during the COVID-19 disruptions:

The NHS have designed home exercise advice cards to follow, as well as 10 minute exercise workouts and support for individuals around mental health:

Health and Wellbeing support across Yorkshire and Humber as part of the COVID-19 response is available here:

To find some great ideas to promote physical activity in young children, including home based activities you can visit:

For advice and support for children and young people’s mental wellbeing visit:

Smokers can obtain advice and support in order to #QuitForCovid at:

Shapemaster are releasing regular workouts online, delivered by a physiotherapist, to support older adults and for those who are less mobile or with long term health conditions to stay moving throughout isolation. You can access these here:

Activity Alliance, Disability Inclusion Sport have provided some resources to support activity while at home:

 There are number of videos available on YouTube for those who may be unable to leave the house at all:

Please note that health and fitness tips and advice will be updated and shared regularly via our leisure centre Facebook pages and ‘Take That Step’ Weight Management Facebook page. This includes some short workout videos from our Zest Instructors for you to join in.

You can also download our Zest app (available to download via the App Store or Google Play) where we will post any updates in our news section. You can receive notifications that useful information has been added by allowing push notifications when you download the app.