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INSPIRE datasets

INSPIRE (INfrastructure for SPatial InfoRmation in Europe) is a European Directive (2007/2/EC) that aims to make available, consistent spatial data sets about the environment and create services for accessing these datasets, so that they can be more easily shared or combined to benefit the development, and monitoring, of environmental policy and practice across the European Community.

INSPIRE regulations were transposed into UK law in December 2009 with full compliance required by 2019.

Our INSPIRE commitments

Hambleton fulfilled its requirement for the December 2013 deadline by publishing 12 datasets. This gives all EU members the ability to access the data through from which the data can also be downloaded.

For further information on Hambleton's commitment please contact the GIS team on 01609 779977 or

Local authority INSPIRE obligations

Local authorities are required to publish spatial data under INSPIRE.

To comply, local authorities need to:

  • make data discoverable by creating INSPIRE standard compliant metadata and publish this through a discovery service (
  • publish data through INSPIRE standards compliant web services to be able to view and download the data
  • transform data to comply with a series of INSPIRE data specifications
  • put in place policies etc. to enable sharing of data between public bodies including EU bodies.

It is within the remit of each local authority to decide which datasets to publish under statutory duty which varies between different authority types. The regulations cover existing data and data services and do not require the creation of new data sets. However any new data sets created in the future will have to be INSPIRE compliant.

Local Authority Deadlines;

  • December 2013 -Full Metadata for Annex III with the ability to Discover, View and Download Data
  • December 2015 - Newly collected data to be INSPIRE compliant data
  • May 2019 - All published data to be INSPIRE compliant

 The authority awaits updated guidance from Central Government.

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