Tenders and contracts

Tender values and procedures

We are committed to achieving the best value in all procurement activities, encouraging competition and welcoming interest from new and established suppliers. We cannot discriminate in favour of local suppliers, but they will be given every encouragement to compete for contracts. The rules setting out how the Council undertakes the procurement of supplies, works and services are set out in the Procurement Procedure Rules, which form part of our Constitution which can be found here:


£0 to £10,000 - Goods and Services

Purchases are aggregated wherever possible to invite competitive quotations but where the value of goods, works or services is less than £10,000, there is not a requirement for a competitive tender or quotation, however, at least one quote is obtained in advance.

£10,001 to £80,000 - Goods and Services or £0 to £125,000 - Works

At least three written quotations are obtained in advance.

£80,001 to EU thresholds - Goods and Services or £125,001 to EU thresholds - Works

At least three written Official Journal of the European Union style tenders will be obtained in advance following advertisement on the Council's website and/or YORtenderYORtender also contains information regarding forthcoming tendering opportunities across opportunities across the 22 Councils of the Yorkshire and Humber region.

EU thresholds and above - Goods, Services and Works

The European Union public procurement regulations apply to all contracts that the Council awards. All contracts over £172,514 (goods and services) and £4,322,012 (works) are advertised in the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU) via the My Tenders website. There are strict processes and time limits that have to be followed.  

How we notify suppliers of tendering opportunities 

The Council will advertise a tender opportunity in one or more of the following ways:

* Please note that all tender details may be subject to amendments without prior notice.

Frameworks or contracts awarded by other Public Bodies

In some circumstances, we may decide not to conduct a competitive purchasing process.  This is usually because a contract has been awarded by a purchasing scheme of a type where competition has already been undertaken on behalf of the Council e.g. Crown Commercial Service (CSS) awarded contracts and Public Buying Consortiums such as the Yorkshire Purchasing Organisation (YPO)

Tools to help your business

You can also find useful information for your business in the Business and Self Employed section of the gov.uk website.

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