Contaminated land

The land in Hambleton has, for hundreds of years, been used for activities which may have caused contamination, these activities include:

  • mining
  • quarrying
  • brick making
  • gas manufacture

Other activities such as agriculture, military land use, railways and modern industry may also have had an impact on the condition of the land.


We are responsible for implementing the following legislation:

The legislation requires us to assess land within the district to identify/determine if land is contaminated. When we identify an area of concern we must make a determination that the land is 'contaminated land' as defined in the Act.

Once identified we have a duty to ensure the land is cleaned up, either on a voluntary basis by the person responsible, or by legal action if the person is unwilling. There are occasions where the local authority might have to do the works if no polluter or owner of the site can be found.

Our strategy

The legislation also requires us to prepare a contaminated land strategy which sets out how we intend to identify and deal with contaminated land. The most recent version can be found here: 

Public register

We have a duty to keep a public register of information relating to the remediation of contaminated land. This is not a list of former industrial sites or a list of sites that have been inspected or are due to be inspected.

There are currently no entries on the contaminated land public register.

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