Conservation areas and listed buildings

Listed buildings

Historic England is responsible for the maintenance of the statutory list of Listed Buildings and also for the designation and de-listing process, you can find this here:

Listed status refers not just to the building's exterior, but also its interior and, if built before 1st July 1948, any freestanding structure within the curtilage (garden or grounds) of the building, including the boundary wall. Listed buildings range from large country houses to individual milestones and telephone kiosks.

Within Hambleton there are 1466 listed buildings (outside the North Yorkshire Moors National Park).

  • 34 buildings Grade I
  • 65 buildings Grade II*
  • 1367 buildings Grade II

Interactive Listed Buildings map

The following map shows the location of Listed Buildings.

Use the search function to zoom directly to a location then select a symbol to provide you with further information. 

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