Neighbourhood planning

Through the Localism Act the Government has introduced new rights and powers to allow local communities to come together to prepare Neighbourhood Plans.  The Localism Act introduced a new tier to the planning system, giving local communities greater control over the development of their areas. It will enable a community, be it a group of residents, employees or businesses, to have a say in where new development should go, what it should look like and also the power to grant planning permission.

Latest news

A Neighbourhood Planning Referendum was held for Ingleby Arncliffe Neighbourhood Plan on Thursday 4 November 2021.

The results can be found here:

Neighbourhood planning in Hambleton

Six areas have taken steps towards developing a Neighbourhood Plan:

What progress has there been?

We have created a map to show the progress towards preparing a neighbourhood plan, including a summary of progress to date and important milestones. You can get it here:

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