Neighbourhood planning

Can I prepare a neighbourhood plan for my area?

Before work can start on preparing a neighbourhood plan a neighbourhood area must be designated.

What is a neighbourhood area?

A neighbourhood area is the area that will be covered by the neighbourhood plan.  It is recommended that the neighbourhood area is the same as the parish or town council area, but any area can be designated as a neighbourhood area.  They can cover areas that are smaller than the parish or town council area, they can even include more than one parish or cross local authority boundaries. However, there will need to be agreement between all the parish and/or town councils to be covered by the neighbourhood area. You will also need to explain why the area is suitable for a neighbourhood plan. If the area is not the same as a single parish or town council area then a consultation process will be needed before the area can be designated.

Parish and town councils and neighbourhood forums can apply for area designation using the Neighbourhood Area Application Form.

In areas where there is no parish or town council and no neighbourhood forum then you must apply for both area and forum designation at the same time. This can be done by completing the Neighbourhood Area Application Form and a Neighbourhood Forum application.

In all case it is important to discuss your proposals with the Council, prior to completing these forms.

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