Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) and Affordable Housing

Community Infrastructure Levy

The Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) is a levy that local planning authorities can charge on new developments in their area. The money is used to support necessary development by funding infrastructure that the Council, local community and neighbourhoods have identified through the Local Development Plan, such as new road schemes, park improvements or a new primary school.

Annual CIL Rate Summary

As required by the CIL Regulations the Annual CIL Rate Summary 2022 provides the details of the index figures and CIL Levy Rate that is to be charged on development granted planning permission from 1 January 2022.  The levy rate for private market housing in 2022 becomes £69.00 per sqm.  Full details are found here:


Government guidance can be found here:

CIL Annual Reports

Hambleton District Council is required to post the annual CIL reports for each financial year.

You can view our reports here:

Infrastructure Funding Statement (IFS)

An annual report of the year’s income and expenditure relating to the Community Infrastructure Levy and Section 106 (S106) agreements for 2019/20. You can find the latest IFS here:

Developer contributions data

Government requires the publication of three data files: data that records:

  1.  the agreements reached by Local Planning Authorities and Developers
  2.  that identifies the contributions that are to be made
  3.  records the transactions that have occurred

The government expectation is that the data will initially be incomplete as historic data will not be uploaded but will record new data as it is created.  In the first release of the tables Hambleton shows developments that have been identified to possibly be active in addition to those where transactions have taken place. Details on the requirements to publish this data is given at

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