Do I need planning permission?

We answer this question in different ways, depending on whether you wish to alter or extend your home or carry out some other form of development.

Planning Permission is usually needed by someone who is looking to:-

  • build something new
  • make a change to your building, e.g. building an extension
  • change the use of your building or land

It will be granted (possibly subject to certain conditions) or refused. It is your responsibility for seeking, or not seeking, planning permission. If required, it should be granted before any work begins.

Planning permission is usually required for most new buildings, major alterations to existing buildings and significant changes to the use of a building or piece of land need this permission.

If your project falls within permitted development you can start work, subject to gaining any other necessary consent, such as building regulations approvals. Proposals which fall outside Permitted Development regulations will need planning permission.

Permitted Development

Some development, known as permitted development, does not require planning permission which means that it is possible to carry out certain alterations to your home only, without any need for planning permission. You can find out more information on the following links:

You can find out more information about whether planning permission is needed here:

including non-domestic and other projects such as, changes of use, adverts and signs and works to trees and hedgerows.

Please note that flats and maisonettes are not subject to the same permitted development rights as houses. Alterations and extensions to flats and maisonettes may often require planning permission.

Additionally, in some cases permitted development rights can be withdrawn or modified:

  • locally by conditions attached to planning permissions if a property is subject to an Article 4 Direction
  • within a conservation area, listed building or Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB)

How to apply

We offer a service where you can find out whether your planning proposal requires planning permission.

If you have checked the permitted development regulations and are still uncertain whether you will need planning permission or not, you can submit a ‘Residential Development Enquiry’ form to get an informal answer. This completed form and supporting  documents, along with a fee of £68 can be used by our Planning Officers to determine whether a proposal can be carried out under the permitted development regulations or whether it needs planning permission:

If we answer telling you that planning permission is not required this is an important document that you should keep so that any future enquiries (such as at the time of sale) you can show your solicitor that no consent was necessary for the work you carried out.

If we answer telling you that planning permission is required you will still need to submit an application for which a further fee will be payable. If a planning application is necessary the £68 fee is not refundable.

If we advise that you need building regulations approval, we recommend that you follow this up with North Yorkshire Building Control Partnership because it is legally separate from planning controls.

This type of enquiry can be submitted for householder proposals only. If your development is non-domestic, you can email us at, and we will let you know within 10 working days if you will need planning permission and how to achieve this.

Please note that we are unfortunately unable to confirm over the telephone or via the drop in service whether you definitely require planning permission or not.

Further information

A formal, legally binding determination of whether planning permission is required can be sought by means of an application for a Lawful Development Certificate. Guidance on this can be found the Planning Portal here:

Permitted development rights were introduced in May 2013 to allow for larger home extensions, but the permitted development rights were to end on 30 May 2019 and the extension work had to be completed by 30 May 2019. 

The Government has made a change to the regulations (coming in to force on 25 May 2019) that removes the requirement for the work to be completed by 30 May 2019 and the right is to become permanent.

As from 19 August 2019 there will be a fee of £96 to process these applications. You can download the relevant legislation here:

On this home page you can find out specific information regarding listed buildings, planning enforcement, decision notices and much more. You can also find further information regarding Tree Preservation Orders and Conservation areas and the location of them via an interactive map.

Be aware that if your property is a listed building, you may also need to apply for listed building consent.

Live or work in the North York Moors National Park?

Please note that if you live or work in the North York Moors National Park you will need to contact the North York Moors National Park Authority who deals with Planning within this area of the Hambleton District, through the following link:

Please use the following link to establish if your address falls under the jurisdiction of the North York Moors National Park Authority:

(The area shaded in green falls under the control of the North York Moors National Park)

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