What happens next for my planning application?

The decision and appeals

If your application will be considered by the Planning Committee, we will tell you the date of the meeting and send you a copy of the report and recommendation when the agenda is published.

There is further information available of how to address the Committee in person here:

You can also make written representations to the Committee members and your local Councillor may be willing to attend the meeting and put your point of view. We can forward contact details of Councillors to you directly.

Notifying you of a decision

We will issue all decision notices as soon as possible after the decision has been made. Attached to the decision notice will be a copy of the case officers' report that will explain all the issues involved in arriving at the decision.

If your development is liable for payments under the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) we will issue a liability notice with the decision notice. Our CIL Charging Schedule explains how the amount is calculated and sets out exemptions from CIL. It is highly unlikely that a domestic extension will be subject to CIL.

How to appeal

The government offers advice on how to appeal if your application has been refused or that there are conditions attached to your permission that you consider unacceptable, you can find this here:

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