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Council to introduce nuisance order at Leeming Bar

Published on Wednesday, 16th January 2019

pic of industrial estate

An order to reduce anti-social behaviour on one of Hambleton’s industrial estates is to be introduced – and if successful it will be rolled out to a second estate.

A Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) will be brought in at Leeming Bar Industrial Estate and the surrounding area to prevent drivers camping overnight in their vehicles. This often results in littering and inappropriate disposal of waste; and the starting of engines and use of refrigeration units through the night has led to disturbances for local residents.

Members of the District Council’s Cabinet yesterday (Tuesday Jan 15) agreed to bring in the PSPO following widespread consultation with local residents and businesses.

“This order will stop unauthorised camping in any vehicle, including HGVs, at Leeming Bar Industrial Estate,” said Cabinet Spokesperson, Cllr Bridget Fortune.

“Overnight parking is causing a great deal of anti-social behaviour and distress to local people and we need to take action to stop it. 

“As well as restricting the use of the area for overnight camping, the order will give the police and authorised Council officers the power to instruct any person to clear away any vehicles, temporary structure and/or associated paraphernalia without delay.  Failure to comply with the order could result in a fine or court summons.”

Cllr Fortune said drivers will be encouraged to use local lorry parks where there are facilities – including washing and toilets.

The success of the order will be reviewed after six months with a view to introducing a second order at Thirsk Industrial Estate.

Cabinet’s decision will be ratified by Full Council next month.