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Funding help for farmers

Published on Wednesday, 7th November 2018

Pictured are family farmers (from left to right) Philip, Stuart and Donald Henry
Pictured are family farmers (from left to right) Philip, Stuart and Donald Henry

A Deighton based dairy farmer has updated his milking processes thanks to a £78,000 grant.

The family run farm has installed robotic milking equipment to streamline processes and allow for improved milk production.

Hambleton District Council’s external funding officer helped the dairy farm business access the Rural Development Programme grant – one of seven farms currently looking at updating milking processes.

The farm has been in the Henry family since 1954 and had been using traditional milking methods which are now considered outdated and inefficient. Thanks to the grant the milking parlour has been replaced with two robotic milking systems costing almost £200,000.

The new system has meant the number of cows has been reduced but the volume of milk yielded increased – increasing profit and reducing labour costs.  

“The move towards robotic technology will allow the farm to compete in a very challenging market sector,” said Jayne Cranston, External Funding Officer.

“It means overheads have been reduced, animal management improved and turnover increased.   And it means the family can look to the future with more certainty.”

She said that another six farms are looking at accessing grants from the Rural Development Programme for England (RDPE) Countryside Productivity Scheme which aims to improve farm productivity.  For more information contact Jayne Cranston on