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Staying afloat with council cash

Published on Friday, 8th June 2018

Staying afloat thanks to council cash

A local canoe and kayak club is enabling more people to stay afloat thanks to a council grant.

Hambleton Paddlers is a family friendly club which offers a wide range of activities and events catering for everyone from the novice paddler learning about the sport to those who enjoy an adrenalin rush trip. It is run entirely by volunteers and encourages participants of all ages and abilities including those with learning and physical disabilities to get involved in the sport in a safe environment.

“We own a fleet of kayaks and Canadian canoes, buoyancy aids, helmets and paddles which are available at no extra cost for use by club members,” said Martin Brown, Chairman.

“This means that first timers can try the sport for a long period of time without having to purchase expensive kit.  However we identified that ‘sit-on-top kayaks’ would make the club more accessible to those with special needs as well as young children and females who are concerned about capsizing.

“We have a number of families who have children with disabilities and we are also trying to increase our female membership. ‘Sit ons’ are a relatively new concept that allow more people to try the sport as unlike a conventional closed cockpit kayak, they are much easier to get people on and off, and in most cases help build confidence by reducing any fears of being trapped inside the kayak in the event of a capsize.

“We have been able to buy two sit-on-top kayaks thanks to  £645 from Hambleton District Council’s grant scheme which will allow us to reach out to all members of the community.”

The club has a number of events planned for the summer to try and increase membership including a ladies only night.

It meets at Carlton Lodge Outdoor Centre over the summer months and indoor pool sessions are held in Thirsk over the winter. For further information contact visit