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Taking positive steps to a better lifestyle

Published on Wednesday, 1st February 2017

Take That Step success - Debbie Bunn

A council run lifestyle referral programme has helped one client to lose more than two stones in weight and drop two dress sizes in just twelve weeks!

Hambleton District Council’s ‘Take That Step’ is a 12 week weight management and lifestyle programme for people with a medical condition such as respiratory condition, heart disease, muscular disorder, obesity or a long term condition such as asthma, arthritis, diabetes and osteoporosis  that could be improved by a healthier lifestyle.

Debbie Bunn who suffers with chronic arthritic knee pain joined the scheme after being referred by her GP who had advised her that she needed to lose weight before any surgical procedures would be considered to replace both knees.

“I was extremely anxious as I had never stepped foot in a gym before and the image of a stereotypical gym user, compared to me was something that caused me great apprehension,” said Debbie.

“However, my early anxiety was soon diminished during my induction session, where my instructor was very supportive, understanding and knowledgeable.I was then given a personal programme that suited my needs which focused on losing weight, as well as building muscle around the knee joint.

“Regular check-ups with my Health and Wellbeing Officerwere extremely helpful, with regards to educating me on how to improve my diet and life outside of the gym and to review my progress.

“Granted, I found this programme extremely difficult, but with the support of the Take That Step team and the personal trainers it was rewarding and I have decided to join the gym permanently, to keep progressing. Although I still suffer badly with knee pain, it is somewhat reduced and my ability to move has increased.

“If anyone who suffers with chronic pain or wants to lose weight for a better quality of life, I would definitely recommend the programme. If someone like me, who has never been in a gym before can do it, then anyone can!”

The scheme now in its third year has received 914 referrals from health professionals in the Hambleton area. It consists of weekly one hour workshops and open access to gym based exercise, fitness classes and swimming activities.

For  more information on the scheme  contact the Take That Step team on 01609 767241 or [email protected] or  contact your GP or health professional to make a referral.