Canvassers calling! Hambleton needs your Electoral registration details

Annual canvass

Hambleton’s Electoral Services Team have been busy contacting residents over the past month as part of the annual canvass.

They are now preparing to start the next phase of the canvass for those households who haven’t responded.

If an email address is held on file, then a final reminder will be issued. Households who still haven’t responded by 16 September should expect a visit from an Electoral Canvasser from Hambleton District Council.

Canvassers will wear identification badges and ask for limited information relating to voter registration, such as name and nationality.

However, residents still have time to respond to the initial correspondence. This can be done online, by phone or text, and information can be found on the form already sent, alternatively you can return the form by post.

The annual canvass helps the Council to ensure the Electoral Register is accurate, it’s also used to provide credit checks, such as when applying for a mortgage or a mobile phone.

Any residents who have any questions about the canvass can contact the Electoral Services Team on 01609 779977 or

Published: 5th September 2022

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