Council cash funds local cricket club makeover

Cllr Fortune is pictured with Phil Rose and Cricket Captain Thomas Lawton
Cllr Fortune is pictured with Phil Rose and Cricket Captain Thomas Lawton

Hutton Rudby Cricket Club has undergone a makeover thanks to £8,000 from Hambleton District Council’s Making a Difference (MAD) grant fund.

The refurbishment, which included upgrading facilities, security and heating, aimed to improve the club and ensure it continued to be a community led club where all ages of the community can get together.

The club has relaunched training sessions for all ages, and thanks to the MAD grant, now has somewhere welcoming for people to sit and watch the games. The pavilion which opened in 1999 has also been updated as part of the development work.

The funding has also allowed for the bar area to be refurbished which has resulted in a modern and attractive venue that can be used for private functions too.

Councillor Mrs Bridget Fortune who supported the application said: “The aim was for the club to become more than just a cricket club. We wanted it to be a facility that would bring everyone together and be at the heart of village life.

“The refurbishment work has absolutely achieved that and made such a difference to Hutton Rudby, now and for many years to come.”

Cash for the Making a Difference scheme comes from ongoing cost savings that councillors are reinvesting into the local community. Each scheme must meet one of the council’s key priorities – driving economic vitality, enhancing health and wellbeing, caring for the environment and providing a special place to live. And each must show that there is community involvement and represents value for money.

Published: 22nd August 2022

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