Update on Linton-on-Ouse

Civic Centre

Councillor Mark Robson, Leader of Hambleton District Council said: “We have received a holding response from the Home Office in relation to our Pre-Action Protocol letter issued a few weeks ago.

This response seeks a further extension of time until 15 July to respond to the Pre-Action Protocol letter in full.

“The council had also asked that we were given a 28-day notice period should the decision be taken to begin moving people onto the site at Linton-on-Ouse, rather than a seven-day notice period. In the letter received late yesterday, it was confirmed that this request was being considered by the Secretary of State. We understand we will also be informed of the decision on this on 15 July.

“At present, we continue to understand that no final decision has been taken by Ministers to accommodate asylum seekers at RAF Linton and that we will receive at least seven days’ notice from the Home Office should they intend to begin moving people onto the site. We have been further reassured by the Home Office that it agrees that the time for commencing any legal proceedings will not start until it has made a final decision and that this will not be made before 15 July when we expect to receive the Pre-Action Protocol response.

“In view of the reassurances from the Home Office, the council awaits the substantive response to the Pre-Action Protocol letter before making a definitive decision on next steps. We are in regular contact with our legal advisers regarding the Pre-Action Protocol correspondence and relevant planning matters and once the response is received, it will be carefully considered and assessed alongside the legal advice the council receives.”

Published: 30th June 2022

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