Hambleton households set for energy rebate


A £150 energy rebate for all households in Council Tax bands A-D is set to be paid in May.

In February, the Government announced a national council tax rebate for certain households to help towards soaring energy bills.

Every eligible household across the country is set to receive £150 this spring as a result to help combat the cost-of-living crisis.

Legally, the Government has set a requirement that all councils must make these rebate payments to all eligible residents from April 2022 and by September 2022 latest.

Noel O’Neill, Director of Finance for Hambleton District Council, said: “Here in Hambleton, those households in council tax bands A-D who pay their council tax by direct debit, will receive a payment of £150 into the bank account where their direct debit is set up."

"The process of making the payments will begin on Tuesday 3 May. Households can expect the payment into their bank account by Thursday 12 May. No further action is required by the household."

"Households in council tax bands A-D who do not currently pay council tax by direct debit, will be required to complete an online application form. This will require the relevant person within the household to complete the form and provide details of their property and bank account."

"The payment will then be made automatically into the verified bank account provided. It’s important to note that the bank account must match the registered payee on our system, or the form will be rejected."

This form is currently under development and will be available on our website as soon as possible. Payments will be made within a week of the form being completed and verified.

Published: 27th April 2022

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