Council committed to tackling climate change

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Hambleton District Council has reinforced its commitment to tackling climate change at a meeting of council this week.

The commitment to cut carbon emissions across the district by declaring a climate emergency was agreed, with Council stating they would continue working towards a cleaner, greener and high skills economy.

This motion comes in acknowledgement of the steps taken by the UK Government and other world leaders at the COP26 conference in Glasgow.

Council Leader Councillor Mark Robson said: “Given last month’s COP26 event, there’s no better time for us as a council, to reiterate our commitment to tackling climate change across the Hambleton district by declaring a climate emergency.

“We are by no means starting from scratch on this; Council has taken many actions to cut carbon emissions across the district in recent years, and our current policies and actions are set out in our Climate Change Strategy.

“My hope now is by reinforcing our position on this, we can continue to move forward at a pace, and I would encourage the people of Hambleton to support us in accelerating our efforts in this critical area.”

Much work has been going on across Hambleton in support of the climate change agenda in recent months such as:

  • A £4.7m investment has been agreed to reduce carbon emissions at our Leisure Centres – these works will start early 2022.
  • The new Crematorium, which is currently under development, will operate with an electric cremator using electricity generated from sustainable sources.
  • Our public lighting replacement scheme has seen the replacement of 3,600 lamps with energy efficient LED lights, a further 200 lamps are to be replaced shortly and there will be installation of LED lamps at the floodlit pitches in Thirsk and Sowerby. 
  • The provision of electric bin lifts for our new fleet of refuse wagons and electric vans in Waste and Street Scene.
  • Seventeen electric vehicle charging points in Council car parks have so far been installed with more planned.
  • The ongoing ‘Warm Homes Scheme’ which delivers energy efficient heating and insulation in Hambleton’s least energy efficient homes. This also includes the provision of air source heat pumps. 


More information on the Council’s ongoing work to support the climate change agenda can be viewed here:

Published: 16th December 2021

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