Making Bedale safer and brighter

Bedale Hall

An area of Bedale prone to anti-social behaviour has had CCTV installed to help keep it safe.

Youths had been congregating around a dimly lit and hidden archway at Bedale Hall, intimidating passers-by who were walking through the area to reach the park and local nursery and to access a residential area. There were also reports of vandalism to the Grade 1 listed building.

As a result of the level of crime and complaints received, the local police advised that CCTV was vital for the area.

A £1,000 grant from Hambleton District Council’s Making a Difference fund helped the trustees of Bedale Hall to buy and install a camera. It is hoped that anti-social behaviour will be reduced and the area will become safer and more welcoming for both residents and visitors.

Bedale Town Council also received a grant of £1,600 from the same council funding to help improve its display of Christmas lights encouraging more visitors to attend the annual Christmas Market and light switch on.

Cash for the Making a Difference scheme comes from ongoing cost savings that councillors are reinvesting into the local community. Each scheme must meet one of the council’s key priorities – driving economic vitality, enhancing health and wellbeing, caring for the environment and providing a special place to live. Each must also show that there is community involvement and represents value for money.

Published: 8th June 2021

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