Hambleton website launches

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A new Hambleton District Council website has been launched.

The project to develop the website began last summer and was aimed at improving user experience by making the website as accessible and user friendly as possible.

The website went live earlier this year and since then work has continued and is ongoing, to make sure it is easy to navigate and up to date.

Hambleton District Council worked with web platform and digital design company Jadu, who has worked with over a third of UK local authorities, to develop the new website.

Since the introduction of the new website, the latest data from the UK Local Government Digital Compliance test, shows Hambleton District Council has climbed 227 places to 64th in the league table, a significant improvement on the previous quarter.

This index ranks public sector websites and sets the benchmark for performance improvement by providing an independent comparison of UK Local Government websites in terms of their adherence to online compliance obligations.  

Leader of Hambleton District Council, Councillor Mark Robson, said: “It’s great to see the new website up and running and that work is continuing to improve it.

“With so many people relying on online services because of the Covid crisis, it's never been more important to ensure our website is as accessible and user friendly as possible.

“It’s good to see our hard work is paying off and that we are moving up the chart but there’s still work to be done and we are committed to  continuing our efforts on this to make sure the Hambleton online experience is as positive and straightforward as possible.”

Ambrina Trudgill, Head of Professional Services at Jadu said: “Accessibility and digital inclusivity were front and centre of Hambleton District Council’s redesign requirements. Rather than seeing digital accessibility (which is the law for public sector organisations) as a set of restrictions to be overcome, the council embraced the guidelines as a way of improving online experiences for everyone.

“The result is a clean design and a much more user-friendly site. That it has climbed 227 places in the Sitemorse Accessibility Index, is testament to the council’s ongoing commitment to provide digital services that serve all."

The new website is at www.hambleton.gov.uk with an option to provide feedback on the home page.


Published: 26th March 2021

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