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Council grant helps build bridges

Published on Tuesday, 12th May 2020

Council grant help build bridges in Snape with Thorp

A council grant has helped build bridges and repair a footpath damaged by tree roots.

The path which is the main footpath across the village of Snape was so uneven that it had become a trip hazard and the structure of a stone footbridge had become so bad that it needed to be removed and replaced.  A second footbridge was also in a poor state of repair and needed to be renovated to bring it up to a safe and high standard and improve its appearance.

After receiving planning permission Snape with Thorp Parish Council who is responsible for the infrastructure of the village was awarded £2,500 from Hambleton District Councils Making a Difference Grant towards the repairs.

The village now boasts a safe footpath across the village enabling the elderly and those with mobility problems to access the village hall safely and the new bridges have enhanced the appearance in the centre of the village and improved the number of those using the village facilities.

Snape Institute Management Committee also received a Making a Difference grant of £2,500 for repairs to the roof of the village hall which had been leaking.

Councillor David Webster who supported both applications, added: “It is always good to see that our small grants can make a real difference to communities across Hambleton and can help improve village life even more so at the moment.

 Cash for the Making a Difference scheme comes from ongoing cost savings that councillors are reinvesting into the local community. Each scheme must meet one of the council’s key priorities – driving economic vitality, enhancing health and wellbeing, caring for the environment and providing a special place to live. And each must show that there is community involvement and represents value for money.

 A grant was also received from North Yorkshire County Council Locality Budget.