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Air quality improves

Published on Tuesday, 5th May 2020

general shot of Hambleton countryside

Air quality in Hambleton’s towns and villages has improved as a result of the coronavirus lockdown.

Over the first five weeks nitrogen dioxide (NO²) levels dropped between 14% and 45%, mostly attributed to the reduction in vehicle emissions as a result of the ban on non-essential travel.

Hambleton District Council has monitored NO² levels since 1993, and one of its key objectives is to ensure air quality objectives are not exceeded, and air quality remains high across the entire district.

“Air quality across Hambleton is for the most part very good and rates amongst some of the best in North Yorkshire,” said Cabinet members, Councillor Stephen Watson. 

“Air quality in Hambleton is something we should all protect. Our challenge now is to ensure these improvements are maintained when the current restrictions are lifted. Walking, cycling, car sharing and using public transport would help to keep levels low and will also help us stay active and benefit from the improved air quality.”

  • The council’s 2020 Annual Status Report has been selected as an example of good practice by DEFRA – and is one of a small number of Annual Status Reports being considered for publication on the Local Air Quality Monitoring website highlighting good practice.