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Increase in home adaptions

Published on Monday, 4th May 2020

stair lift

More than 70 grants were sanctioned to adapt homes for disabled people in Hambleton last year which led to the completion of 76 adaptations – a 65% rise on the previous 12 months.

Hambleton District Council sanctioned the adaptations – costing £590,000 - through its disabled facilities grants scheme which covers a variety of items including stair lifts, ramps and accessible bathrooms.

The authority has a contract with Yorkshire Housing’s Swale Home Improvement Agency to undertake the works.

“We saw a big rise in grants allocated over the last 12 months – 30 more than the previous year,” said Cabinet Member, Councillor David Webster.

“These home adaptations enable disabled and other vulnerable people to continue to live independently at home and with a better quality of life.”

You can find more information, including criteria for eligibility and how to apply below:

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