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Council cash opens doors for local community

Published on Tuesday, 28th January 2020

MAD grant - Brompton Pavilion

A village pavilion has been made accessible to everyone thanks to council cash.

Weavers Pavilion in Brompton which is not only home to Brompton Football Club but also acts as a community hub had limited access and those in wheelchairs or people with prams and pushchairs struggled to open the heavy door.

“The door was very difficult to open,” said Barbara Slater, Chair of Brompton Recreation Group.

“And we realised that we needed to make improvements as it is essential that everyone can get in and out of the Pavilion with ease. Now thanks to Hambleton District Council we have an automatic front door which allows access to everyone and means the building can now be used by more people and more community events.

“We already have a community café running a couple of time a week but are hoping the Pavilion will now be used for other community groups and meetings.”

Ward Member, Councillor Isobel Sanderson who supported the project, added, “The group was awarded £2,340 from the council’s ‘ Making a Difference Grant’  which sees the council putting money back into community projects which help improve life in our neighbourhoods.  It may seem strange to ask for money to fund a door but for villages like this it really does make a difference.”