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'Making' safer play in Crathorne

Published on Friday, 24th January 2020

Making safe play thanks to council grant

A small village, which has been the ancestral home of the Crathorne family since the early thirteenth century, is making its play area safe thanks to council cash.

After eight years of work by Councillor Mrs Bridget Fortune, Ward Member for Crathorne, a piece of land in village was secured to create a Village Green which was opened in June 2012.  The use of the play equipment has far superseded all predictions resulting in the areas around the slide, swings and seats becoming worn and eroded and the equipment dangerous to use.

“The village now has more children than when the Village Green was created and is a focal point of the village,” said George Cooke, Chair of Crathorne Parish Meeting.

“Now thanks to a £1000 from Hambleton District Council’s Making a Difference Fund, we have been able to buy and lay astroturf under the slide and swings to stop the erosion and give an even and safe surface for them to play on.   We are also hoping to create a hopscotch area with additional astroturf for the younger children.” 

The council also awarded a further £1800 from the fund for additional car parking at Crathorne Reading Room.

Councillor Mrs Bridget Fortune, who is also portfolio holder for Leisure added “It is great that the council is able to help small villages like Crathorne  which I call my ‘magic corner,’ with projects that they cannot afford to fund, but ones which will make a real difference to the local community.”

  • Cash for the Making a Difference scheme comes from ongoing cost savings that councillors are reinvesting into the local community. Each scheme must meet one of the council’s key priorities – driving economic vitality, enhancing health and wellbeing, caring for the environment and providing a special place to live.    And each must show that there is community involvement and represents value for money.