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Christmas and New Year bin collections

Published on Friday, 20th December 2019

Recycle week - in your hands

All bin collections across Hambleton will be affected by the Christmas and New Year holidays.

Householders are asked to refer to their bin tag which details changes to refuse and recycling collection dates over the festive season.  Alternatively collection dates can be checked on – normal collection dates resume on Monday 6 January.

Residents should follow the following tips to help stay ‘green’ over Christmas:

  • Glitter-free greetings cards can be recycled. 
  • Use the scrunch test on wrapping paper and gift bags – if you scrunch it and it does     not spring back – it can be recycled
  • You can recycle all your cardboard packaging; by flattening it you’ll save space in your bin.  Wet cardboard left next to your bin can’t be collected.   
  • Toilet and kitchen rolls tubes often get forgotten but it is easy and worthwhile to recycle them
  • Food trays (not black), cans and foil only need a quick rinse and can also be put in the blue lidded recycling bin.
  • Glass jars and bottles must go in your blue box not your blue lidded bin.

Unfortunately we can’t recycle plastic bags, plastic wrappers, crisp packets, bubble wrap, cling film, polystyrene or unwanted plastic toys.   See our website for further details of what can and can’t be recycled.