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Keep it clean and safe on bonfire night

Published on Friday, 25th October 2019


Officers at Hambleton District Council’s Environmental Health Department are reminding people to keep safe and to be a good neighbour on bonfire night (5 November).

Burning certain types of waste and setting fire to treated wood, tyres, plastics, rubber and oil release toxic fumes into the local atmosphere and this can cause serious problems for people who have breathing conditions like asthma.

It also causes significant release of pollution to the environment and every year the UK’s air quality deteriorates on 5 November. 

 “Whilst bonfire night is a great time of the year, some people use it as an excuse to burn old furniture, kids play equipment, mattresses or even household rubbish which are  not suitable and should be taken to a household waste and recycling site to be disposed of correctly,” said Councillor Stephen Watson, portfolio holder for Environmental services.

“If you are organising a bonfire night celebration be vigilant about the materials used to make your bonfire and make sure that they are suitable such as untreated wood, branches, and small amounts of leaves, cardboard and paper. Be safe and be clean, or even better attend a properly organised event.”

Community bonfires could also be targeted by unscrupulous businesses who want to find somewhere to dispose of waste, resulting in the illegal burning of commercial waste.  For business and commercial companies it is a legal offence to dispose of waste by burning and culprits face a fine of up to £50,000 for illegally managing waste.


For more information on hosting a safe event and details of household waste recycling centres check out: