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Crematorium proposals gets go ahead

Published on Tuesday, 3rd September 2019

Hambleton District Council - Civic Centre

Proposals to develop a Hambleton based crematorium won approval today (Tuesday 3 September).

Member of the District Council’s Cabinet gave the go ahead for the idea and agreed that £250,000 be included in the capital programme to fund design, surveys and site assessments needed to reach a planning submission and contractor appointment.

Work on the project has been underway for the last 12 months with a specialist consultant looking at the need, business case and for possible sites. 

Anecdotal evidence has shown that Hambleton residents want to see this facility in the district so that family and friends do not have to travel to Darlington, Teesside and York.

“Within the bereavement services it is recognised that people should not have to travel more than 30 minutes from their home to a crematorium – in Hambleton this is only the case in the north of the district,” said Council Leader, Councillor Mark Robson.

“Our research is showing there are around 657 cremations a year that are not served by a local facility – which this new facility would pick up.

“This proposal will benefit our residents by delivering a service that is currently not available here and is consistent with our aim to improve access to services in Hambleton. It is a very interesting move for the authority – it is not something we have dealt with before but this is a service that is definitely needed for Hambleton.”

He said the proposed location is still under wraps and that a report on the overall project costs will be brought back to councillors once known.

Cabinet members agreed the principle of developing a crematorium and allocated £250,000 to develop the project – their decision will be approved by full council on September 17.