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Enhancing the local environment thanks to council cash

Published on Tuesday, 27th August 2019

MAD grant enhancing the local environment

A key feature of a village has undergone a makeover thanks to a cash boost.

Hambleton District Council awarded Seamer Parish Council a grant of £2,000 from its ‘Making A Difference’ fund to help enhance and improve the accessibility of the village pond.

Over a number of years, the community has worked hard to improve the local environment and volunteers have cleared the overgrown pond and undergrowth and now maintain this as a resource for all to see.

“The grant has enabled us replace the tumbledown fence with a new ‘bird beak’ type of fence which does not restrict the visual impact of the pond. We have included a new seating area so everyone can enjoy this peaceful and picturesque feature of the village,” said Councillor Philip Taylor, Chairman of the Parish Council.

“The development of the pond has been a regular item on the Parish Council agenda and is now home to a diverse range of wildlife. Water lilies have also been planted to help aerate the water, whilst duck platforms have been installed to provide a potential nesting site and  netting has been placed around the new fence to deter ducks from going onto the road.”

And Ward Member, Councillor Mrs Bridget Fortune who supported the projects added: “It’s great to be able to help communities like this with projects that they otherwise would not be able to afford themselves.”