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Rotary way unveiled

Published on Wednesday, 15th May 2019

Rotary way
Chairman of Hambleton District Council, Councillor David Blades, cut the ribbon on the new Rotary Way in Northallerton. He is pictured with Rotary Club Presidents, Ralph Andrew (Northallerton), Janet Crampton (Northallerton Mowbray) and Council Leader, Councillor Mark Robson (far right).

A 70 year connection between the Rotary movement and the town of Northallerton has been marked.

The loop road surrounding Hambleton District Council’s Civic Centre and the town’s Leisure Centre has been named ‘Rotary Way.’

Northallerton Rotary Club was founded in 1947 and Northallerton Mowbray Rotary Club set up 47 years later in 1994.  Both meet weekly with the 66 members busy and productive in the local communities.

Both have recently been involved in a project that brought 40 children from the remote hills of Nepal to sing and perform in a national Rotary concert.   It is the latest in a long involvement with projects in Nepal ranging from a 10 year computer programme for schools, and goat banks which allows the community farming project to trade goats in a micro-loan scheme.

On a local level the clubs have been involved in a technology tournament for local schools, schools debating competition, young musician of the year competition, young chef of the year competition; and film shows and quizzes for remote communities and in sheltered accommodation. Over the years Rotary has been instrumental in the formation of the Northallerton PROBUS club, Northallerton Samaritans, Northdale Horticulture and recently has supported a myriad of other charities - including ‘Mens Sheds’.

They regularly collect used spectacles to send to Africa; and have also provided life-saving Shelterboxes and helped water aid projects usually triggered by international disasters. At Christmas Rotarians can be seen out and about with their Santa sleigh and collecting at supermarkets to support youth projects.

“It would be very difficult for anyone within the local area to miss the impact of Rotary Club projects and our newly named Rotary Way is a lasting testament to that service,” said Leader of Hambleton District Council, Councillor Mark Robson.

And President Janet Crampton of the Mowbray Club speaking on behalf of both clubs added:  “It’s very satisfying to have Rotary’s contribution towards community projects locally, nationally and internationally recognised in this way. Hambleton District is fortunate to have several Rotary Clubs working in partnership to support community projects and achieve meaningful change in the work that we do. We are grateful to Hambleton District Council for showcasing Rotary in this way, recognising our work from small and local projects to major international enterprise.”