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Proxy voting in Euro Elections - deadline nears

Published on Friday, 10th May 2019

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Electors wishing to use a proxy vote in the Euro Elections later this month have just a few days left to apply.

All applications must be registered with Hambleton District Council’s elections team by 5pm on Wednesday - 15 May.

A proxy vote can be allocated to someone an elector trusts to go to the polling station and vote on their behalf.   They must cast the vote at the nominated polling station and will receive a proxy poll card telling them where and when to cast this vote.

The person chosen as proxy can be anybody, as long as they are registered to vote at these elections.

Voters can still vote in person, provided it is before the proxy has voted.

Anyone is entitled to apply for a proxy vote for one specific polling day.

In certain circumstances, due to either a medical or employment emergency that happens after the deadline to apply for a proxy vote - voters can apply to vote by emergency proxy. The deadline for emergency proxy applications is 5pm on polling day.  For more information contact 01609 767263.

To apply for a proxy vote log - click here