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Your garden waste questions answered

How do I pay?

You can pay or register for a licence here

Why were charges for garden waste introduced? 

Collecting garden waste is not a statutory service. Under current legislation (Controlled Waste Regulations 2012) if a council chooses to offer the service it can make a charge to residents subscribing to the service to cover the costs of running it. Hambleton District Council is faced with finding £1million in savings - the charge for garden waste collections helps towards making that saving.

How does the garden waste service work?

Garden waste licences are valid for collections from 1 April 2019 – 27 March 2020. Once subscribed you will receive a licence by post to attach to your green wheeled bin.

Please wait for your licence to arrive before presenting your bin for collection. Bins that display licences indicate to collection crews which properties have subscribed to the service, bins that do not display licences will not be collected.

Inside each licence letter will be a cable tie to attach licence/s to your bin/s. Detailed instructions on fixing the licence can be found on the rear of the letter along with your licence and the terms and conditions for the service.

From 1 April 2019 licences are only valid for the property which they were purchased for and are non-transferrable and non-refundable.

When will I receive my licence?

Licences will arrive within 10 working days of purchase, If not please contact the council 01609 779977.

Residents who have signed up to a self account and provided an email address will be notified when their licence(s) is dispatched.

Please wait for your licence to arrive before presenting your bin for collection. 

What if my licence is missing, broken or stolen?

Please contact the council on 01609 779977. A replacement licence is needed before next collection as bins that do not display licences will not be collected.

Why do collections stop over winter?

Very low amounts of garden waste are presented at this time of year. Additionally during the winter months, inclement weather can freeze garden waste and make collections impractical. By suspending collections the council can concentrate on collecting extra recycling, litter picking and other duties.

What happens if my bin is too heavy?

Bins considered too heavy to move by collection crews will not be emptied as this becomes a health and safety risk. Some contents must be removed before the next collection. Consideration will be given to surfaces over which the bins are moved - gravel, grass, soil, curbs, steps and inclines.

What happens if I don’t want to subscribe to the service?

Residents who do not wish to subscribe to the service will have to dispose of their garden waste themselves. It is not acceptable for garden waste to be placed in black bins.

Are there any exemptions or concessions?

There are NO exemptions or concessions - for anyone in receipt of benefits or senior citizens. Schools, churches, village and parish halls and properties with charitable status have the same entitlement as residential properties and are able to join the scheme.

Can I get an assisted collection?

Assisted collections will be offered to those eligible for the service. Residents that currently receive assisted collections will continue to do so providing there is a valid garden waste licence.

Will my Christmas tree still be collected?

Christmas trees will be collected for all subscribers to the garden waste scheme. Trees must be chopped up and placed in the bin with the lid closed.

Christmas trees will not be collected from non-subscribing households - residents must make their own arrangements to dispose of them as they must not be placed in the black wheeled bins. Use our online bin collection finder to find out your tree collection date. Normal garden waste is accepted during this collection.

Can I have more than one bin?

Generally there is no limit to the number of bins householders can have providing there is enough space for the bins to be collected. A licence is needed for each bin and they must all be displayed. A site visit may be needed for properties requesting three or more bins. On collection day it may be necessary to take bins to a suitable collection point to ensure they do not cause an obstruction to others.

Are there different size bins available?

The standard 240 litre bin is the only bin available.

How do collectors know I have subscribed to the service?

Each green bin must display its own identification licence. The licence must be attached to the bin to confirm the subscription. Any households with more than one bin must display a licence for each one.

What happens if I forget to display the licence?

It is the resident’s responsibility to display the licence. Failure to do so will mean the bin will not be collected - and we will not return to collect.

What time should my bin/s be placed out for collection?

Bins should not be put out for collection any earlier than the evening before collection day - and no later than 6am on collection day. Bins may not be collected if they are not available from 6am.

Where should I place my garden waste bin for collection?

It should be placed in the same location as used for refuse and recycling collections, usually the area in front of the property, unless otherwise advised.

Fraudulent activity

If you suspect any fraudulent activity please report it to the council on 01609 779977.

Anyone found to be fraudulently abusing the garden waste service will be removed from the service and their bin/s removed from their property - no refund will be given.

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