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What goes in each bin?

Please ensure all materials are clean and contain no food traces to avoid contamination of all the recycling. If the crew notice contamination in the bin or box your recycling will not be collected and a tag will be left explaining why. Your bin/box will need to be cleared of the contamination to ensure it is suitable for the next scheduled collection. 

Blue lidded bin - non-glass recycling 

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Newspapers and magazines Food waste
Greeting cards Takeaway pizza boxes
Office paper - white and coloured Takeaway drink cups
Other paper - including clean paper bags Card and aluminium takeaway container lids
Envelopes Corks from bottles
Telephone directories - Yellow Pages and similar Used kitchen roll/tissues
Junk mail, catalogues and shredded paper Wallpaper
Brown, grey and corrugated card Photographs
Card based egg boxes Domestic and commercial oil cans
Cardboard tubes - food tubes, toilet and kitchen rolls Metal paint tins
Food packaging card Car products
Steel and aluminium food and drink cans - rinsed including bottle tops and jar lids Light lubricating oil or domestic and commercial glue containers
Biscuit and chocolate tins Paint aerosols
Pet food cans - rinsed Crisp packets, plastic packaging film and cling film
Aerosols - empty of contents Black sacks - empty or full
Plastic bottles - (including trigger spray bottles, pump spray bottles and roller ball bottles) rinsed of food, drink, personal care products, household cleaning products and cooking oil Black plastic trays
Plastic containers - rinsed and including all colours except black - food pots/trays, yoghurt pots, margarine tubs, biscuit and chocolate tubs Small UHT milk plastic cartons
Cartons - food, drink and similar containers - rinsed Bubble wraps
Foil and aluminium food trays - rinsed Carrier bags
Toys, video tapes, CDs and DVDs
Plastic plant and paint pots
Washing up bowls, cutlery and drainer trays
Polystyrene - cups, pizza trays and packaging materials
Foil laminate pouches - including pet food and drinks
Corrugated plastic sheeting

Blue box - glass recycling

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Glass bottles and jars - rinsed, not in plastic bags Drinking glasses and pyrex containers
Glass roller ball deodorants Window/sheet glass
Glass ramekins from desserts Ceramics

Green bin - garden waste

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Grass cuttings Stones, soil and turf
Clippings - including hedge and small branches Fruit and veg peelings
Leaves Food waste
Plants and weeds Ash
Garden fruit windfalls Cat and dog waste
Bark Plant pots
Small pet bedding Cardboard and paper
Pot plant compost Household rubbish 
Christmas trees (chopped up) Plastic bags
Treated wood