Hambleton Local Plan - Preferred Options Consultation

Public consultation on Part 1 and Part 2 of the Preferred Options for the new Local Plan has now finished (the consultation commenced on Monday 31st october and closed 5pm on Monday 12th December). The schedule of Public consultation events held during the consultation can be viewed here.

Consultation on the Settlement Character Studies that have been undertaken to date and on the Draft Northallerton, Brompton and Romanby Landscape and Open Space Study (2016) closed on 31st January.  The documents are still available to view below.

Consultation on the Sustainability Appraisal of Preferred Options and the Habitats Regulation Assessment Screening Report closed on 20th January. The Sustainability Appraisal of Preferred Options (including appendices 1-5) are still available to view here. However, due to the file size and download time of appendices 6 and 7, these sections (along with the main report and appendices 1-5) can be viewed at the Consultation Portal here. The Habitats Regulation Assessment Screening Report can still be viewed here.

As part of the consultation, there was an opportunity to submit details of alternative sites for consideration by the deadline of Monday 12th December. These additional sites will be assessed in the coming weeks and a further consultation on proposed development sites and sites proposed for green space designation will be held in Spring 2017. Over the next few weeks we will be seeking further information on viability and deliverability of proposed development sites. We will update assessments on existing sites presented in Part 2 of the Preferred Options document to reflect additional information that is collected from landowners and agents on viability and deliverability of sites. To view existing sites and the alternative additional sites submitted as part of the recent consultation, click here. The map also shows the second tranche of sites which have been identified for possible green space designation, some of which have been identified through the Settlement Character Studies and others through land owners or parish councils and also as part of the public consultation on the Preferred Options documents and Settlement Character Studies. The sites are being independently assessed and will be consulted on in Spring. If you have any questions about proposals for green space designations contact planningpolicy@hambleton.gov.uk

Background to the Preferred Options documents

The Preferred Options Document is a key stage of the Local Plan preparation. It sets out the Council’s preferred spatial approach and preferred policy approach for the emerging Local Plan. Cabinet approved the Preferred Options Document for consultation on 18th October 2016.  The Document has been prepared following consultation on an Issues and Options Document in January/February 2016 and the Call for Sites, which invited landowners, agents and developers to put forward sites for development. It has also been informed by consultation with Duty to Co-operate partners, such as local planning authorities and key stakeholders.

The Preferred Options Document comprises two parts: Part 1 of the Preferred Options Document sets out the Council’s Preferred Policy approach which will help to shape policies for determining planning applications in the new Local Plan. Part 2 sets out the Preferred Options for new development, including preferred sites for new housing and employment and leisure and greenspace designations across the District up to 2035. Due to the size of the document it is presented as five Sub Area documents.

We are not proposing to allocate sites in the ‘other’ settlements. To view a map of sites that have been considered within the Preferred Options consultation documents, including those in ‘other’ settlements, alongside alternative sites submitted as part of the Preferred Options consultation, click here. You can view the Settlement Hierarchy here.

At the same time as the Preferred Options consultation, the Council has been consulting on the first tranche of Green Space designations that are being proposed for inclusion in the Local Plan. The assessments are available to view in the Local Green Space: Recommendations Report (2016).  A second tranche of green space designations will be assessed in the coming weeks.  This will include those submitted after the closing date for the Call for Sites which closed on 19th of February 2016 and those submitted for consideration as part of the Preferred Options consultation.

View the Preferred Options Consultation Documents

While the consultation on some documents has closed (see details at top of this webpage), all Preferred Options documents can still be viewed on the consultation portal below:

View consultation documents on consultation portal

For quick reference, you can still view the consultation documents by following the links below.

A number of key studies provide the evidence base for the Preferred Options Document:

You can also view the Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (2016) here.

How to get involved in the next stage of consultations on the Local Plan

If you are not already registered as a consultee for our Local Plan but you would like to be kept informed on the progress of the new Local Plan and consultations and have an opportunity to make comments during consultations, you can register as a new consultee on our new system here.

The responses to the Preferred Options consultation exercise and emerging evidence base will be used to inform the preparation of the Draft Local Plan in summer 2017. The council will be consulting on Draft Local Plan in autumn 2017.  The council aims to have the new Local Plan adopted by December 2018. The timetable for the preparation of the Local Plan can be viewed here.

Recent Local Plan Consultations

Issues and Options

The Issues and Options consultation took place from Monday 11th January 2016 until 5pm Friday 19th February 2016. Comments have been recorded and Officer Responses to the consultation are available here.

The Issues and Options document can be viewed here.

Information that was available on this webpage during the Issues and Options consultation has now been archived but can still be viewed here.