Hambleton District Council is preparing a new Local Plan. The new Local Plan will set out how much land should be provided to accommodate new homes and jobs that are needed within Hambleton up to 2035 and where this should be located. It will consider the need for new homes and jobs alongside the need for associated infrastructure such as shops, community facilities, transport, open space, sport and recreation, health and education within the context of protecting what is special about Hambleton.

Progress and current consultation

The council consulted on the issues and options document in early 2016 and in late 2016 it consulted on the Preferred Options documents. This identified the councils preferred approach to policies and sites (Further details of these stages of consultation can be found here.

As part of the Preferred Options consultation, there was an opportunity to submit details of alternative sites for consideration. An additional 83 alternative development sites were submitted and a further 148 potential local green spaces have been identified. Some of the additional local green spaces have also been identified through the Settlement Character Studies that have been completed to date and also by Parish Councils.

The alternative development sites have been assessed by the council, with advice from North Yorkshire County Council, Historic England, Natural England and the councils flood risk consultants. The greenspaces have been assessed by an independent consultant. Recommendations for all sites have been made. We are now inviting your views on these additional sites and greenspaces and their recommendations. Your responses along with responses to the preferred options documents, and emerging evidence base will inform the preparation of the Publication Local Plan in Autumn 2017.

To view the locations of existing sites (which were presented in the Preferred Options Document) and the alternative sites, click here.

View and comment on the Alternative Sites and Local Greenspace Consultation Documents (current consultation)

The consultation on the alternative sites and greenspaces starts on Friday 21st April and runs until 5pm on Friday 2nd June 2017.

Please provide your views and comments by responding to the questions contained within the Local Plan alternative sites consultation document and the separate greenspaces questionnaire. You can submit comments and view the consultation documents and supporting documents by clicking on the link to the consultation portal below:

Hard copies of the documents will also be available to view at the district’s libraries and district’s council offices in Stokesley, Easingwold and Northallerton.

For quick reference, you can still view the consultation documents by following the links below.

How to get involved in the next stage of consultations on the Local Plan

If you are not already registered as a consultee for our Local Plan but you would like to be kept informed on the progress of the new Local Plan and consultations and have an opportunity to make comments during consultations, you can register as a new consultee on our new system here.

When registering your contact details, the system will request your preferred method of contact. Please select email address where possible. If you do not use email, please provide postal address. We are currently unable to contact via text message.

The responses to the current consultation on alternative sites and green spaces together with the responses to the Preferred Options consultation exercise and emerging evidence base will be used to inform the preparation of the Publication Local Plan in summer 2017. The council will be consulting on Publication Local Plan in autumn 2017. The council aims to have the new Local Plan adopted by December 2018. The timetable for the preparation of the Local Plan can be viewed here.

Sessay Conservation Area Appraisal and Management Plan

We are currently consulting on a Conservation Area Appraisal and Management Plan which will designate a Conservation Area for Sessay. The Council is assisting the Parish Council in implementing an objective from their Parish Plan and residents and members of the public can have their say on the content of the appraisal, the objectives of the management plan and the line of the boundary to be designated.

To have your say there will be an opportunity for you to discuss proposals and content with Parish Councillors between 1pm and 3pm 28 May at the Village Hall or to a public meeting 7pm 23 May in the Village Hall. A questionnaire is available to download which should be emailed to planning.policy@hambleton.gov.uk or posted to Planning Policy, Civic Centre, Stone Cross, Northallerton, DL6 2UU. The Conservation Area Appraisal will be available to view at the Council Offices in Northallerton and at Thirsk Library during normal opening hours.

For further information please contact Planning Policy on 01609 779977 or planning.policy@hambleton.gov.uk

For more information

If you have any questions please contact the Planning Policy Team on 01609 779977, email planningpolicy@hambleton.gov.uk