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Preferred Options Consultation

Public consultation on the Preferred Options for the new Local Plan commenced on Monday 31 October and will run for 6 weeks, closing at 5pm on Monday 12 December 2016.

The Preferred Options Document is a key stage of the Local Plan preparation. It sets out the Council’s preferred spatial approach and preferred policy approach for the emerging Local Plan. Cabinet approved the Preferred Options Document for consultation on 18 October 2016. The Document has been prepared following consultation on an Issues and Options Document in January/February 2016 and the Call for Sites, which invited landowners, agents and developers to put forward sites for development. It has also been informed by consultation with Duty to Co-operate partners, such as local planning authorities and key stakeholders.

The Preferred Options Document comprises two parts: Part 1 of the Preferred Options Document sets out the Council’s Preferred Policy approach which will help to shape policies for determining planning applications in the new Local Plan. Part 2 sets out the Preferred Options for new development, including preferred sites for new housing and employment and leisure and greenspace designations across the District up to 2035. Due to the size of the document it has been split into five Sub Areas. As part of the consultation, we are asking if there are more suitable alternative sites which could be considered. If you wish to submit a further site during the consultation period please note: this form is no longer active as submissions have closed. We are not proposing to allocate sites in the ‘other’ settlements. To view all sites submitted as part of the Call for Sites, including those in ‘other’ settlements, click hereYou can view the Settlement Hierarchy here.

At the same time as the Preferred Options consultation, the Council is consulting on the first tranche of Green Space designations that are being proposed for inclusion in the Local Plan, the Settlement Character Studies that have been undertaken to date and on the Draft Northallerton, Brompton and Romanby Landscape and Open Space Study (2016).

How to view and make comments on the Consultation documents

Links to all consultation documents are available at our new online Local Plan Consultation Portal during the consultation where you will also be able to submit comments.

This new online consultation system allows you to comment online during consultations on the Local Plan. If you are already registered on our Local Plan consultation database with an email address, you will have already received an email confirming that you are registered as a consultee on the new on line consultation system. You will have been provided with a username and password to enable you to log into the online system. To log into the system click here. As a registered consultee, you will be kept informed on the progress of the new Local Plan and consultations and have an opportunity to make comments during consultations via the new on line system.

If you are not already registered as a consultee for our Local Plan but you would like to make comments on the Preferred Options Documents or future Local Plan consultations, you can register as a new consultee on our new system here.

Hard copies of the consultation documents will also be available to view in the District’s libraries and District Council Offices in Stokesley, Easingwold and Northallerton during the consultation.

For quick reference, you can view the consultation documents by clicking the links below (However, as mentioned above, if you wish to submit comments as part of the consultation, you will need to go to the consultation portal):

A number of key studies provide the evidence base for the Preferred Options Document:

How can I find out more?

Come along to one of our public ‘drop in’ sessions to find out more and share your views with planning officers who will be on hand to answer any questions.

  • Bedale Hall, Ball room, Bedale, Monday 7th November, 5pm-7.30pm
  • Stokesley Town Hall, Main Hall, Stokesley, Wednesday 9th November, 5pm-7.30pm
  • Northallerton Town Hall, Lower Ground Hall, Thursday 10th November, 5pm-7.30pm
  • Rural Arts Centre, Court Room, Thirsk, Tuesday 15th November, 5pm-7.30pm     
  • Galtres Centre, Lounge area, Easingwold, Tuesday 22nd November, 5pm-7.30pm

We will also be in the market square on market days on the following dates:

  • Bedale market square, Tuesday 8th November, 10-1pm
  • Northallerton market square, Wednesday 9th November, 10-1pm
  • Thirsk market square, Monday 14th November, 10-1pm
  • Stokesley market, Friday 18th November, 10-1pm
  • Easingwold market, Friday 25th November, 10-1pm .

Planning Officers will be on hand at events to assist members of the public or groups who have not yet used the new on line Local Plan Consultation system to submit comments.   

Next stage

The responses to the Preferred Options consultation exercise and emerging evidence base will be used to inform the preparation of the Draft Local Plan in summer 2017. The council aims to have the new Local Plan adopted by December 2018. The timetable for the preparation of the Local Plan can be viewed here.

You can view the sites that have been submitted through the Call for Sites here. This will open up a map of the district. Click on the plus or minus sign in the top left corner of the map to zoom in and out. Click on the site to bring up site details including site reference, UPRN, site address, preferred use and site size. You can click in the boxes within the legend on the right hand side of the map to identify more details about the site. The Call for Sites opened in Summer 2015 and closed at 5pm on Friday 19th February. Over 500 sites have been submitted. Preferred sites have been identified following an initial assessment of sites.  A list of preferred and non-preferred sites along with a summary of the site assessments is available in Part 2 of the Preferred Options Document referred to above.

Recent Local Plan Consultations

The Issues and Options consultation took place from Monday 11th January 2016 until 5pm Friday 19th February 2016. Comments have been recorded and Officer Responses to the consultation will be available on the website shortly. The Issues and Options document can be viewed here.

Information that was available on this webpage during the Issues and Options consultation has now been archived but can still be viewed here.


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