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Evidence base

Reference Document Title Document Date published
Examination Documents - Inspectors Documents  
L001  Initial Questions for Examination May-20
L001a  Council’s Response to Initial Questions for Examination Jul-20
Local Plan Procedural Documents  
PD01.1  Statement of Community Involvement Part 1 Jul-13
PD01.2  Statement of Community Involvement Part 2 Jul-13
PD01.3  Statement of Community Involvement Part 3 Jul-13
PD02  Statement of Representations procedure Jul-19
PD03  Consultation Statement - Publication Draft  Jul-19
PD04  Local Development Scheme Jul-19
PD05  Hambleton Local Plan Equality Impact Assessment - Publication Draft Feb-20
PD06  Submission Consultation Statement Regulation 22 Mar-20
PD07.1  PAS Tool Kit Part 2 - Local Plan Form and Content Mar-20
PD07.2  PAS Tool Kit Part 3 - Local Plan Process Requirements Mar-20
PD07.3  PAS Tool Kit Part 4 - Local Plan Soundness and Quality Assessment Mar-20
PD08  Submission Statement of Common Ground Mar-20
PD08.1  Statement of Common Ground - Addendum Mar-20
PD09  Statement of Common Ground - Publication Draft Jul-19
Local Plan Submission Core Documents  
LP01  Hambleton Local Plan - Publication Draft Jul-19
LP02  Policies Map - 1 - Overview Maps - Publication Draft Jul-19
LP02.1  Policies Map - 2 - Inset Maps - Ainderby Steeple to Crathorne Jul-19
LP02.2  Policies Map - 3 - Inset Maps - Crayke to Husthwaite Jul-19
LP02.3  Policies Map - 4 - Inset Maps - Hutton Rudby to Northallerton Jul-19
LP02.4  Policies Map - 5 - Inset Maps - Oulston to West Tanfield  Jul-19
LP03  Schedule of Local Plan and Policies Maps proposed modifications Mar-20
LP04.1  Sustainability Appraisal Site Assessments - Bedale Area Jul-20
LP04.1.1  Sustainability Appraisal Site Assessment - Bedale Area - maps Jul-20
LP04.2  Sustainability Appraisal Site Assessments - Easingwold Area Jul-20
LP04.2.1  Sustainability Appraisal Site Assessment - Easingwold Area - maps  Jul-20
LP04.3  Sustainability Appraisal Site Assessments - Northallerton Area Jul-20
LP04.3.1  Sustainability Appraisal Site Assessment - Northallerton Area - maps Jul-20
LP04.4  Sustainability Appraisal Site Assessments - Stokesley Area Jul-20
LP04.4.1  Sustainability Appraisal Site Assessment - Stokesley Area - maps Jul-20
LP04.5  Sustainability Appraisal Site Assessments - Thirsk Area Jul-20
LP04.5.1  Sustainability Appraisal Site Assessment - Thirsk Area - maps Jul-20
LP05.1  Hambleton Local Plan SA Report Addendum Mar-20
LP07  Submission Infrastructure Delivery Plan Mar-20
LP07.1  Schedule of Infrastructure Delivery Plan modifications Mar-20


 Submission Local Green Space Checklist and Aerial Mapping Appendix 1A


LP08.2  Submission Local Green Space Checklist and Aerial Mapping Appendix 1B Mar-20
LP08.3  Submission Local Green Space Checklist and Aerial Mapping Appendix 1C Mar-20
LP08.4  Submission Local Green Space Checklist and Aerial Mapping Appendix 1D Mar-20
LP08.5  Schedule of Local Green Space Assessment Modifications Mar-20
LP09  Habitats Regulations Assessment  Feb-20
LP09.1  Habitats Regulations Assessment - April 2019 Apr-19
LP09.2  Habitats Regulations Assessment - October 2018 Oct-18
LP10  Regulation 20 Submission Local Plan comments in Policy Order Mar-20
LP10.1  Regulation 20 Submission Local Plan Index of Respondents  Mar-20
LP11  Regulation 20 Submission Infrastructure Delivery Plan Mar-20
LP11.1  Regulation 20 Submission Infrastructure Delivery Plan Index of Respondents Mar-20
LP12  Regulation 20 Submission Local Green Space Assessment Mar-20
LP12.1  Regulation 20 Submission Local Green Space Assessment Index of Respondents Mar-20
LP13  Regulation 20 Submission Sustainability Appraisal Mar-20
LP13.1  Regulation 20 Submission Sustainability Appraisal Index of Respondents Mar-20
LP14  Regulation 20 Summary of Key Issues Mar-20
LP14.1  Schedule of Main Issues and Council Response (L001 Paragraph 48) Jul-20
LP15  Regulation 20 Late and Unduly made responses Mar-20
Local Plan Submission Supporting Documents  
SD01  Whole Plan and Community Infrastructure Levy Viability Assessment Jun-19
SD02  Authority Monitoring Report -2018-2019 - Planning Policy  
Local Plan Evidence Base Part 1  
Visions and Spatial Development Strategy  
SD04  Hambleton District Council Plan 2015-2019  
SD05  Hambleton District Council Plan 2019-2023  
SD06  York North Yorkshire and East Riding Housing Strategy - 2015-2021 May-15
Supporting Economic Growth  
SD07  Employment Land Review - Final Report Sep-16
SD08  Housing and Economic Development Needs Assessment  Jun-18
SD09  Hambleton Economy Topic Paper - Publication Draft  Feb-20
SD10  Hambleton a place to grow Economic Strategy 2014-24 Jan-14
SD11  Hambleton Economic Study - GVA  Jan-14
SD12  Strategic economic plan Update  
SD12.1  YNYER LEP Strategic Economic Plan Mar-14
SD13  Retail and Leisure Study - Part 1 - Main report  Oct-16
SD13.1  Retail and Leisure Study - Part 2 - Appendices  Oct-16
SD13.2  Retail Study Update Notes Mar-19
SD13.3  Hambleton Retail Note June 2020 Jul-20
SD14  Hambleton Inward Investment Strategy and Action Plan 2017-2022  
Supporting Housing Growth  
SD15  Gypsy and Traveller Accommodation Assessment - Updated Report Jun-16
SD15.1  Gypsy and Traveller Accommodation Assessment - Addendum to 2016 Study Update Mar-20
SD16  Hambleton Gypsy, Traveller and Travelling Showpeople Guidance Note Dec-16
SD17  Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA) Sep-19
SD18  Strategic Housing Market Assessment  Jan-16
SD18.1  Strategic Housing Market Assessment - Updated Report Sep-16
SD19  Spatial Distribution and Development Needs Topic Paper Mar-20
SD20  Housing Topic Paper Mar-20
SD21  Housing Assessment Update Mar-20
SD22  Draft Affordable Housing Transfer Prices Stage 2 Report Sep-19
SD23  Site Selection Methodology and Results - Publication Draft Jul-19
Supporting a High Quality Environment  
SD24  Heritage Background Paper August 2018 Addendum January 2020 Jan-20
SD25  Local Green Space Assessment Combined Recommendation Report Nov-18
SD26  Appendix 1a - Site Checklists and Aerial Mapping - Appleby Wiske to Easingwold  Nov-18
SD26.1  Appendix 1b - Site Checklists and Aerial Mapping - Great Ayton to Kirkby & Great Broughton Nov-18
SD26.2  Appendix 1c - Site Checklists and Aerial Mapping - Kirkby Fleetham to Scruton Nov-18
SD26.3  Appendix 1d - Site Checklists and Aerial Mapping - Sessay to West Tanfield Nov-18
SD26.4  Appendix 2 - Amendments Based on Consultation Responses Nov-18
SD27  Landscape Character Assessment and Sensitivity Study  May-16
SD28  Settlement Character Assessment  Oct-16
SD29   Howardian Hills Area Of Oustanding Natural Beauty Management Plan 2019-2024 Apr-19
SD30  Playing Pitch Strategy  Oct-17
SD30.1  Playing Pitch Stategy Appendices Oct-17
SD31  Northallerton, Brompton and Romanby Draft Landscape and Open Space Strategy 2016  
SD32  Joint Health and Welbing Strategy for North Yorkshire 2015 - 2020  
SD33  Northallerton Yards and Hidden Spaces Report  Aug-10
SD34  North Yorkshire and York - Local Nature Partnership Strategy  
SD35  Northallerton Connections (Zetland Street)  Sep-16
SD36  Sports Facilities Strategy 2017-2035 Aug-17
SD37  Open Space Strategy - Final Report Oct-17
Infrastructure and Community Services  
SD38  North Yorkshire Local Transport Plan 2016-2045 - Part 1 and 2  
SD39  North Yorkshire Local Transport Plan 2016 - 2045 - Part 3 - Strategic Transport  
SD40  North Yorkshire Local Transport Plan 2016 - 2045 - Executive Summary  
SD41  Transport Related Issues -Final May-16
SD42  Hambleton Junctions Assessment  Jun-18
SD43  Hambleton Strategic Road Network Junction Assessments Modelling Report May-19
SD43.1  Strategic Road Network Junction Assessment Technical Memorandum  
SD44  Hambleton Strategic Road Network Sowerby Gateway Technical Note Jul-19
SD44.1  Sowerby Gateway Junction Assessment Technical Memorandum  
Environmental and Resource Management  
SD45  Level 1 - Strategic Flood Risk Assessment - Final Report Mar-17
SD46  Humber River Basin District - River Basin Management Plan - Part 1 Dec-15
SD47  Water Resources Management Plan - Northumbrian Water Aug-19
SD48  Water Resources Management Plan - Yorkshire Water Services LTD Aug-14
SD49  Water Resources Management Plan - Yorkshire Water Services LTD Sep-18
SD50  Northumbria River Basin District - Management Plan - Part 1 Dec-15
SD51  Northallerton Sports Village Master Plan Feb-20
SD52  Sowerby Sports Village Master Plan Sep-18
SD53  Bedale Renaissance Masterplan and Vision Mar-04
SD54  Bedale Economic and Business Study Oct-17
SD55  Leeming Bar Sites Report 2017 Mar-17
Hambleton District Council Local Plan Earlier Consultation Documents and Supporting Documents  
CD01  Issues and Options Consultation Jan - Feb 2016 Feb-16
CD02  Preferred Options Consultation - Part 1 Oct-16
CD02.1  Preferred Options Consultation - Part 2 - Easingwold Sub Area  Oct-16
CD02.2  Preferred Options Consultation - Part 2 - Bedale Sub Area Oct-16
CD02.3  Preferred Options Consultation - Part 2 - Northallerton Sub Area Oct-16
CD02.4  Preferred Options Consultation - Part 2 - Stokesley Sub Area Oct-16
CD02.5  Preferred Options Consultation - Part 2 - Thirsk Sub Area Oct-16
CD03  Preferred Options Consultation - Settlement Maps Oct-16
CD04  Options Assessment Report and Appendix Oct-16
CD05  Alternative Sites Consultation Apr-17
CD06  Sustainability Scoping Report Jan-16
CD07  Sustainability Appraisal Preferred Options Report  Nov-16
CD08  Sustainability Appraisal Alternative Sites - Main Report Mar-17
CD08.1  Sustainability Appraisal Alternative Sites - Appendix 2 and 3 Mar-17
CD09  Habitats Regulations Assessment Screening Report Nov-16
CD09.1  Habitats Regulations Assessment Scoping Report Mar-17
CD10  Sustainability Appraisal Main Report Jul-19
CD10.1  Sustainability Appraisal - SA Report - Non-technical Summary Jul-19
CD10.2  Sustainability Appraisal Site Assessments - Bedale Jul-19
CD10.3  Sustainability Appraisal Site Assessments - Easingwold Jul-19
CD10.4  Sustainability Appraisal Site Assessments - Northallerton Jul-19
CD10.5  Sustainability Appraisal Site Assessments - Stokesley Jul-19
CD10.6  Sustainability Appraisal Site Assessments - Thirsk Jul-19
CD11  Schedule of Omission Sites Jul-20
CD11.1  Omission Sites Bedale Subarea Maps Jul-20
CD11.2  Omission Sites Easingwold Subarea Maps Jul-20
CD11.3  Omission Sites Northallerton Subarea Maps Jul-20
CD11.4  Omission Sites Stokesley Subarea Maps Jul-20
CD11.5  Omission Sites Thirsk Subarea Maps Jul-20
Adopted Local Development Framework Documents  
LDF01  Core Strategy Development Plan Document 2007
LDF02  Development Management Development Plan Document 2008
LDF03  Allocations Development Plan Document 2010
LDF04  Development Policies and Allocation Annex 5-Proposals Map 2010
LDF05  Settlement Hierarchy (IPGN) 2014
LDF05.1  Interim Policy Guidance Note (IPGN) 2015
LDF06  Affordable Housing Supplementary Planning Document Apr-15
LDF07  Size Type and Tenure of New Homes Supplementary Planning Document Sep-15
LDF08  Sustainable Development Supplementary Planning Document Apr-15
LDF09  Open Space Sport and Recreation Supplementary Planning Document Feb-11
LDF10  Market Towns Conservation Area Design Guide Dec-10
LDF11  Domestic Extensions Supplementary Planning Document Dec-09
LDF12  Bedale Conservation Area Appraisal Supplementary Planning Document Dec-10
LDF13  Easingwold Conservation Area Appraisal Supplementary Planning Document Dec-10
LDF14  Northallerton Conservation Area Appraisal Supplementary Planning Document Dec-10
LDF15  Stokesley Conservation Area Appraisal Supplementary Planning Document Dec-10
LDF16  Thirsk and Sowerby Conservation Area Appraisal Supplementary Planning Document Dec-10

Other documents

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