Street lights

Hambleton's lighting is denoted by a white plate with green numbers

To report a missing, broken or faulty light, please use our form below;

We aim to attend to standard lighting faults within 5 working days of the fault being received or on the same day if it is an emergency fault.

Street lighting 

North Yorkshire County Council's street lights are are denoted by stickers with black numbers on a yellow background. Report a faulty street light with them here:

Lighting in Hambleton

We have over 4,000 public lights in the Hambleton district and you can find them on the following map.

Use the address search to navigate to a specific address.

Selecting a symbol will provide you with further information. 

Part-night lighting  

We have introduced part night lighting to save energy. Under this scheme lights switch off between 12 midnight and 5 am, this affects around 62% of our lights. The switch on/off can fluctuate by up to 30 minutes and this increases to around an hour for about 14 days after a British summertime clock change.

Report a fault

Report a missing, broken or fault light in Hambleton here:

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