Budget Consultation 2018-19

Budget Consultation 2018-19

A Budget Consultation was carried out between 15 September and 27 October 2017 which resulted in 133 responses.
A summary of the responses received will be available soon.

Consultation start date:

15 September 2017

Consultation end date:

27 October 2017

Who was consulted?

All businesses and residents in the district

How did we consult?

Online and paper survey

Objectives of consultation:

To invite comments and opinions on the services the council provides to help shape the budget proposals.

How will the survey results be used?

All comments to be taken into consideration to help inform the decision in approving a budget for 2018-19

For further information contact:

Louise Branford-White
Director of Finance
Hambleton District Council
Stone Cross
Civic Centre

email: louise.branford-white@hambleton.gov.uk