Members' clubs

Members' clubs

COVID-19 update

COVID-19 is a public health emergency. Everyone needs to assess and manage the risks of COVID-19, and members' clubs should consider the risks to their workers and club members. Clubs have a legal responsibility to protect workers and members from risk to their health and safety and therefore must make sure that a risk assessment for their club addresses the risks of COVID-19, using the government guidance to inform decisions and control measures.

The HSE have produced some risk assessment guidance and templates here. Once completed, it may be beneficial to submit your risk assessments to [email protected] for consideration by the responsible authorities.


Members' clubs

A members' club must have at least 25 members and meet certain conditions. The grant of a club premises certificate means that a qualifying club is entitled to certain benefits.

Qualifying clubs should not be confused with proprietary clubs, which are clubs run commercially by individuals, partnerships or businesses for profit. These require a premises licence and are not qualifying clubs.

A qualifying club will be permitted under the terms of a club premises certificate to sell and supply alcohol to its members and their guests only. Instant membership is not permitted and members must wait at least two days between their application and their admission to the club.

A qualifying club may choose to apply for a premises licence if it decides that it wishes to offer its facilities commercially for use by the general public, including the sale of alcohol to them.

How much will it cost to apply?

Licensing Act 2003 fees

The fee for a club premises certificate is determined by the non-domestic rateable value of the club premises. Check your non-domestic rateable value at the Valuation Office Agency website.

Application types

Grant of club premises certificate - download form or apply online

Declaration for club premises certificate - download form or apply online

Variation of club premises certificate - download form or apply online

Minor Variation of club premises certificate - download form or apply online

Review of club premises certificate - download form

Further information

Home Office Guidance

Licensing Act 2003 policy

Responsible authorities

Public notice template for grant or variation (premises and clubs)

Public notice guidance

Premises plans requirements

Fire safety advice

Making representations against an application

Guidance on making representations


Licensing Act 2003

Officer decisions

A record of decisions made by officers

Privacy Notice

Licensing privacy notice

Report a licensing issue

Online form

Pay online

You can pay for your certificate online right now using our secure payment system. Make sure to select the correct service from the left hand side.