Independent Remuneration Panel

Residents are needed to join Hambleton District Council's Independent Remuneration Panel

Hambleton District Council is seeking to appoint a third person to its Independent Remuneration Panel.

The Panel, which consists of three people, may be required to meet up to three times a year.  The Panel makes recommendations to the Council on the allowances which should be paid to elected Members.  Expenses for attendance at meetings and travelling expenses are paid.

There is no formal application form for the role.  Anyone interested must submit a short letter to the Council by Friday, 17 November 2017 explaining why they are interested in the position and what they feel they can contribute to the role.  A shortlist of candidates will be determined by Members of the Council followed by interviews.  The final three members will be recommended for approval by the full Council and the usual term of office is 4 years.

The appointment is not open to any person who has been a member or officer of Hambleton District Council within the last five years or a person who is a relative or close friend of a Member or Officer of Hambleton District Council.

For more information call Democratic Services on 01609 767015 or email

Letters of application can be sent to Democratic Services, Hambleton District Council, Civic Centre, Stone Cross, Northallerton DL6 2UU or sent to the above email address by the closing date of Friday, 30 June 2017