Central Northallerton Masterplan

Central Northallerton Masterplan

Northallerton has historically had a concentration of public sector bodies, but recent pressure on spending has put strain on the economy.

The former Northallerton Prison was vacated in November 2013, and the Rural Payments Agency in February 2014. This resulted in the loss of 600 direct jobs and threatens further supply chain jobs.

This is a considerable concern for the Council. A job task force, led by the Local Enterprise Partnership has looked at measures to assist those affected by the closures, assisted by the Council. The Council is also, as part of the task force, looking at the spatial implications of the closures, resulting in the commissioning of a development and design Framework to produce a Central Northallerton Masterplan

Central Northallerton Quadrangle (prison grounds) study 

Following the Central Northallerton Masterplan, five buildings were statutory listed (Grade II);

  • the Quadrangle
  • the Staff Tenement Range
  • the Governor's House
  • the 1818 Female Wing
  • the Female Cell Block

These buildings are all of importance. They form a significant part of the town's heritage and require special attention. To ensure they are properly treated in any redevelopment project a Central Northallerton Quadrangle Study Options Paper was produced outlining suitable uses that would preserve their character and quality whilst bringing them back into productive use.

The Masterplan looks to incorporate a flexible public space within the Quadrangle; envisioned as a multi-purpose civic space used for events, seating and related outdoor activities to support potential uses of the heritage assets.

Further information

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