What happens next for my planning application?

Assessing your proposal

The primary issue to be considered in dealing with your application will be whether or not it conforms to the development plan. In Hambleton the development plan is called the Local Development Framework.

Other factors to be taken into account include:

In every case the council must decide whether the advice or the view that is expressed is relevant to your application and, if so, how much weight to afford it in the decision.

Discussing the proposal with you

If the case officer dealing with your application needs to discuss your proposal your agent (or you, if you do not have an agent) will be contacted as soon as possible, though this may well be when the consultation period has ended. If extra detail is required we will set a date for this to be submitted. If you cannot meet this date you should contact the case officer as soon as possible.

If the application is considered unacceptable as submitted, but amendments could overcome the concerns, the case officer will explain this to you. A reasonable timescale will be given for you to send us revised proposals. Again, if you cannot meet this date you should let the case officer know as soon as possible because if we have not received the amendments and an extension of time has been not been agreed, the council may decide your proposal as submitted.

Why we might refuse a proposal 

Applications will only be recommended for refusal if there are sound planning reasons for doing so and the necessary amendments would be too substantial or cannot be agreed. If it is considered that your proposal requires repeated or significant amendments we may ask you to withdraw your application and submit a revised scheme.

The case officer can keep you informed of progress and how and when it will be decided. They may express a view on your proposal but a formal decision can only be made by the Planning Committee or the Director of Environmental and Planning Services under delegated powers.