Brownfield Land Register

Brownfield Land Register

From the 31 December 2017 the council is required to maintain a register of brownfield land (previously developed land) that is considered suitable for residential development. The Brownfield Land Register is in two parts, Part 1 is a list of brownfield sites in the District that are considered suitable for housing irrespective of their planning status. Part 2 of the register is a list of sites that additionally are granted Permission in Principle. Subject to a subsequent approval of Technical Details Consent, sites with Permission in Principle will have planning permission for housing development or housing led development.

The register will help house builders identify potentially suitable brownfield sites for development, provide certainty to local communities and encourage investment in local areas.

Sites which are entered onto the Brownfield Land Register must meet the following criteria:

  • the land has an area of at least 0.25 hectares or is capable of supporting at least 5 dwellings (there is discretion to enter smaller sites if all the other criteria are met)
  • the land is suitable for residential development
  • the land is available for residential development
  • residential development of the land is achievable

The council first published its brownfield register in December 2017. The register is reviewed annually, Part 1 Register has been reviewed in December 2018  It includes sites that have planning permission for housing or are identified for housing development in the adopted Allocations Development Plan Document.

The register is available to download here, and currently includes the following sites:

  • Shorthorn Inn Hornby Road, Appleton Wiske
  • D Oakley Limited, 68, Romanby Road, Northallerton
  • Three Tuns Garage Brentwood House, Sandhutton
  • Coach House, The East House, Great Smeaton,Northallerton

The following map shows an overview of the current Brownfield Land Register

Further Information

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