Call for sites consultation 2015

Call for sites consultation 2015

Consultation closed 19 February 2016

One of the first steps in preparing a new Local Plan is to establish what land is available for development within the District over that timeframe. A Call for Sites opened in Summer 2015 and closed at 5pm on Friday 19th February 2016. Landowners, agents and developers were invited to put forward sites for development. Over 500 sites were submitted as part of this exercise.

Preferred sites have been identified following an initial assessment of sites. A list of preferred and non-preferred sites along with a summary of the site assessments is available in the Preferred Options Document which can be accessed from the Local Plan homepage. You can submit comments on the Preferred Options Document as part of a 6 week public consultation which commenced on Monday 31st October. The consultation closes at 5pm on Monday 12th December 2016. As part of the consultation, we are asking if there are more suitable alternative sites which could be considered. You can find more information on how to get involved in the consultation, how to submit comments and how to submit site details at the Local Plan homepage.

The Council is starting work on a new Local Plan for the District, which will set out the policies by which applications for new development will be considered. It will also identify developable land suitable for housing, employment, mixed use and recreation over a 15 year period up to 2035.

One of the first steps in preparing a new Local Plan is to establish what land is available for development within the District over that timeframe. Therefore we are now asking for landowners and agents to submit details of their sites through our Call for Sites process.

For development sites to be considered 'sustainable' and therefore developable, sites must be located within, adjacent or close to an existing settlement and be capable of development within the plan period. Sites which are in the open countryside or which do not relate well to an existing settlement will not be considered suitable for inclusion within the Plan and should not be submitted.

Application help

You should include as much supporting information as possible. This will enable us to assess the availability, suitability and viability of your site and help inform the strategic selection of areas for development.

We would also like people to identify areas of local green space which they feel are demonstrably special to their communities and should be protected from new development. To nominate an area of local green space, please complete questions 1-7 of the site assessment form.

Closing Date

The Call for Sites exercise will close at 5pm on Friday 19th February.

Further information

If you have any questions relating to the Local Plan or the Call for Sites please contact the Planning Policy Team on 01609 779977 or email [email protected]