Community Infrastructure Levy and Affordable Housing

Community Infrastructure Levy

The Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) is a levy that local planning authorities can charge on new developments in their area. The money is used to support necessary development by funding infrastructure that the Council, local community and neighbourhoods have identified through the Local Development Plan, such as new road schemes, park improvements or a new primary school.

You can find our CIL Charging Schedule for April 2015 here.

There is also a list of infrastructure schemes which CIL will be collected for, and they are set out in the Regulation 123 list, available here.

CIL Pack and Guidance

Please click here for our CIL Pack which includes all the CIL forms you will require as part of the validation process and some guidance notes which we hope you will find useful when completing your application. Before we can validate your planning application we require CIL form 0 to be submitted.

Affordable Housing

In the interests of speeding up the planning process and negotiations the Council encourages applicants to engage in pre-application discussions with the housing and planning teams on the scale and type of housing development addressing the affordable housing provision required under CP9. The Councils policy position is that on schemes of 2 or more in a rural village in Hambleton or on a scheme of 15 or more in one of the market towns an affordable housing contribution is required as the table below shows:

Northallerton, Bedale or Thirsk - 40% affordable housing contribution is required

Easingwold and Stokesley - 50% affordable housing contribution is required

The Council will not validate a planning application where there is a requirement to provide an element of affordable housing, unless the application is accompanied by a completed and countersigned Housing Proposal & CIL form.

You can download the form for housing proposal and CIL here.


Government guidance can be found on the Planning Practice Guidance website.

You can also find downloadable guidance specific to the Hambleton district here.

CIL Annual Reports

Hambleton District Council is required to post the annual CIL reports for each financial year. To view the report from 2015 - 2016 and the report from 2016 - 2017 click here.