Our local policy and guidance

Unplanned developments and complaints

When a person carries out development without planning permission the Council has a duty to consider whether it should take any action.

In many cases it turns out that what has been done does not need planning permission. In other cases the development may be so minor that an application is unnecessary.

What we do with unplanned developments

However, in more serious cases, Hambleton tries to resolve the matter without recourse to formal enforcement action. If planning permission is required, the person responsible is normally invited to submit a retrospective planning application. The application will be considered on its planning merits and the fact that the development has already been carried out will have no bearing on the Council’s decision.

But there are occasions where immediate firm action is required - and a decision to take enforcement action must always be well founded.

What we do with complaints

Complaints will be investigated and acted upon as quickly and efficiently as possible. However, workloads do not permit immediate action on all complaints and therefore cases are prioritised. The Council’s Local Enforcement Plan explains how we do this.

The Policy also sets out the service developers, landowners, neighbours members of the District Council and Town and Parish Councils can expect.

What you can do to help

If you wish to report something that you believe to be a breach of control then please use the report form. We will assume that the information you provide is submitted in confidence and will not say where we got the information from.

Anonymous complaints are not acted upon, unless there is considered to be a risk of irreparable and immediate harm to public safety, or the natural or built environment.

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